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Sparkles of Change

Humans have always strived for a better life. They invented, they discovered and produced new things for the society through their skills. Saika Khalil, a graduate of vocational education stream, who comes from a very humble background, living in old city of Rawalpindi is wife of an electrician, living her life on meagre financial resources with her husband. Saika had always dreamed of a life where she can be the right hand of her husband. She could only make it possible by learning some skills and working in the mainstream economic part of society. 

Saika completed her course of Beautician at competency-based-training (CBT) level-2 from a vocational training institute in Rawalpindi while facing all the social obstacles from her community. Despite these challenges, her hope and ambitions to pursue a respectable career as a Beautician did not let her stay-back. She participated in an Employment Drive organized by the District Board of Management (DBOM) at VTI Rawalpindi PVTC, which is constituted in collaboration of public and private sector representative’s partnership. She demonstrated her skills to 11 employers who were recruiting CBT graduates at this employment drive held in December 2020. Saika was over-the-moon when she learnt that one of the leading Aesthetic Clinic from Rawalpindi has hired her as a make-up artist. 

Now, Saika is living her dream. She is offering her services as Make Up artist at Glam Salon and Aesthetic Clinic. She also demonstrates her skills in various television programs and work as makeup artist for drama serials and morning shows actors. She is now able to be the helping hand as a partner to her husband and plans to learn vocational skills on higher levels of CBT. 

Every such story has a powerful message of empowerment and new possibilities. TVET Sector Support Programme is making the dreams and opportunities possible for the ones who dream big and have courage to improve their lives. TVET Sector Support Programme has ignited the youth of Pakistan with a flame of hands-on skills. Skilled youth like Saika, are making Pakistan a thriving economic and skilled force of the modern world. 

TVET Sector Support Programme is working with NAVTTC, provincial TEVTAs and PVTC since 2011 for bringing reforms in TVET Sector. The second phase of programme has funding of 62.5 mn euro for implementation of reforms in the TVET sector of Pakistan on national, provincial and regional level. The Programme is funded by the European Union, Federal Republic of Germany and the Royal Norwegian Embassy. In second phase of its implementation, programme is supporting competency-based-training of 36,800 men and women on the indigenous and industry-demand-riven trades. The Programme has been commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and is being implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

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