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What makes the skill training interesting and rewarding?

Elated with the knowledge he has gained during the first year of his two-year course in Electrical Engineering Owais Iqbal is refreshed as he narrates his experience.

“I found out about this course from a friend of my brother who was studying here. Electrical Engineering is something I have always been passionate about. Even as a kid I would try to fix whatever was broken down in the house before giving it over to an expert,” he says it was his passion which led him to get a diploma in Associate Engineering before he got enrolled for this course being offered at the AMANTECH in collaboration with BASF under Germany Pakistan Training Initiative (GPATI).

The course is divided into four parts following the German Dual Training concept, being implemented through GPATI in a modified form. During the first year, six-month teaching and practical training at the AMANTECH is followed by six-month work experience at BASF. The second year involves rigorous training for the first six months at the AMANTECH followed by a more advanced nature of work experience at BASF. The days in the week are divided between classes of different subjects including Science, Mathematics, Safety, the English language as well as Computer and Soft Skills.

Owais explains why he finds the concept rewarding and the course interesting: “At AMANTECH, we spend the first half of the day studying circuits and the second half doing practice. All facilities are available here and teachers are also brilliant. They teach us with heart. If we make a mistake, they show us where we went wrong and encourage us to try again. It really helps when you are taught something and then shown how it works in real life.”

He finds Soft Skills as another important component of the course. “We were taught about how to talk to people and how to communicate in a polite manner. We were also taught what the proper way to eat was. We were even helped with the way we dressed. I never knew one should not wear a striped shirt with striped trouser. Now I do!” says a beaming Owais, smartly dressed in a white striped shirt with blue trouser.

Owais has been through a varied curriculum at the AMANTECH before moving to BASF where he works as on-the-job-trainee in the core system of the company. For the first twenty days at BASF he along with other students went through an extensive orientation process. “We were shown how the company worked and what its different departments were responsible for. Now we are assigned to the Technicians who supervise our work. It is a great experience. I feel responsible for the company, I feel like being a part of it all!”