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Welding training for flood affectees and IDPs , Muzaffargarh

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Project Welding training for flood affectees and IDPs , Muzaffargarh
Date of Approval 15 March, 2012
Duration 12 Months
Number of Beneficiaries 33
Implementing Partner Punjab Vocational Technical Training Council

Project Description:

A center of excellence will be set up under this project for teaching welding and fabrication to rehabilitate the flood affectees and Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). Demand driven vocational skills training will be provided for improving productivity of the trainees from the area. Under the project, the training will help reduce poverty in the area. These training will lead to employment for the trainees.
For further details;
Major Ghazanfar Abbas Manager, Curriculum
www: pvtc.gop.pk

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