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Vocational Training for Solar Technician


Pakistan is facing a serious energy crisis. No concrete and structured steps are taken to address this issue, which is paralysing the life of an average citizen in generalgeneral, and the industry and commerce in particular. Recognising that the energy problem may not be resolved any time soon, the Government of Punjab is addressing this problem by distributing 90,000 solar panels in rural areas. However, the relevant skills for installing and maintaining even simple solar technology are not available. None of the TVET schools offer a structured training course and training facilities in PV technology. Therefore, the Punjab Technical Education Vocational Training Authority (PTEVTA) has proposed to establish a training course on PV technology with the aim to train beneficiaries from small enterprises in the skills and techniques to install and maintain solar panels systems. This project is supported by the TVET Reform Support Programme as part of the Fund for Innovative Training (FIT) component. The TVET Reform Support Programme is co-financed by the European Union, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Federal Republic of Germany and administered by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

TEVTA is the apex body promoting demand-driven technical & vocational training in Punjab province. It oversees 365 TVET institutes in Punjab and offers both technical and vocational training programmes. One of its TVET institutes, The Government Staff Training College – Gulberg Lahore (GSTC), is proposing to implement this project.


The objective of the project is to have a skilled workforce able to install, maintain and service the solar panels provided by the Government of Punjab and stimulate further the transfer of knowledge and skills within small medium enterprises through a workplace learning approach.


1,225 trainees will be identified through a baseline survey in small companies, providing electrical services. 200 master trainers will be identified from small enterprises and they will be trained in installing, maintaining, and servicing solar panels. After the training, these master trainers will pass on their skills and knowledge through workplace teaching to another two persons in their company, which will result in another 400 trained people. In addition, another 25 master trainers, selected from the staff of 12 PTEVTA institutions, will also be trained. They will then introduce the same training course in their respective institute, which will result in an estimated further 600 trainees benefitting from the training. The training courses on PV will be supported through a structured training curricula, well qualified teaching staff and adequate training facilities.

Expected Outcome:

A significant number of electricians working in small companies will have acquired new knowledge and skills in installing, maintaining, and servicing solar panels so that the initiative of the Punjab Government, to provide solar panel to the rural areas, can be supported with skilled technician. This will help to improve the energy situation for the citizens and industry in rural areas of Punjab, as the solar panels are effectively and efficiently used with a skilled workforce in place to install, maintain and service them.

Contact Detail: Akhtar Abbas Bharwana