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TVET SSP Provides Toolkits, Sewing Machines for Economic Reintegration

LAHORE – MAY 21, 2022:

As part of the TVET Sector Support Programme (SSP) to facilitate reintegration of overseas returnees, as many as 90 Pakistani returnees and locals, including more than 50 women, received sewing kits and electrician kits as in-kind support at a ceremony here yesterday. The TVET SSP is facilitating the reintegration of returnees under its new component ‘Reintegration of Returnees in Pakistan,’ which is funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). In her remarks on the occasion, Head of TVET SSP Iris Cordelia Rotzoll opined, “for any economy to thrive, it is pivotal to promote self-employment and entrepreneurship in the informal sector.

The reintegration component of TVET SSP is now also enabling the returnees and locals to become economical stable and fashion a sustainable future for their communities.”

The story originally appeared in The Nation

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