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TVET Sector Support Programme & Programme Migration for Development (PME) organized another Hunar~Rozgar Mela 2021 in Faisalabad

Faisalabad 10th November 2021: The donor funded TVET Sector Support Programme implemented by National Vocational and Technical Training Commission and Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) & Programme Migration for Development (PME) organized the Hunar~Rozgar Mela 2021 in Faisalabad aimed at providing a platform to the TVET graduates for job seeking. Through this Mela, the TVET Sector Support Programme, which is funded by the European Union, Norwegian and German Governments & Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) successfully showcased the skills of training institutes in Faisalabad that are implementing competency-based training in industry priority economic sectors. These institutes have received assistance from the TVET Sector Support Programme. The ceremony is graced by Provincial Minister of Punjab for Zakat & Ushr Mr. Shoukat Ali Laleka, Head of TVET Sector Support Programme Ms. Iris Cordelia Rotzoll, along with Director General NAVTTC Punjab Mr. Mujeeb ur Rehman and Chairman Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) Major (R) Shahnawaz Badar. 

As-many-as 400 graduates of TVET Sector Support Programme from 8 different institutes visited recruitment kiosks of 20 national and multinational enterprises for exploring employment opportunity against 471 jobs while testing their interview skills in front of more than 40 recruiters in various leading economic sectors of Pakistan. 

Speaking at the occasion of closing ceremony of Hunar Rozgar Mela 2021, Mr. Shoukat Ali Laleka, Provincial Minister of Punjab for Zakat & Ushr said, “The Hunar Rozgar Mela 2021 is a great initiative and served as a platform to connect hundreds of young jobseekers trained in vocational and technical trades with recruiters and HR professionals from leading enterprises”. He mentioned that the role of programmes like TVET SSP is highly crucial in the socio-economic uplift of the society specially youth. 

Head of TVET Secor Support Programme Ms. Iris Cordelia Rotzoll while speaking at the opening ceremony of the Rozgar Mela said that ‘Skilled youth of any country play a vital role for the economic development. TVET SSP is working with NAVTTC, PVTC and Punjab TEVTA to play its role in providing quality skills and job opportunities to youth.”

Chairman Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) Major (R) Shahnawaz Badar while speaking at the occasion said that we are happy to see the results of TVET Sector Support Programme and efforts of Punjab Vocational Training Council (PVTC) specially in the area of industry-linkages. We also hope that the sustainability of this whole initiative remains clearly evident through the GoP’s supported programmes as it is now. 

DG NAVTTC Mr. Mujeeb ur Rehman said that, “Our efforts are to have best vocational and technical training system here in Pakistan than confirms the international standards. Today while seeing all these graduates having choice of the employment search as per the same demand-driven aspects of industry is the real showcasing of what we had aimed for.”

This Hunar Rozgar Mela 2021, was conducted to meet employment objectives for over 471 openings of private industry, CBT trainees and graduates had their skills shown, notably in key economic areas, and held on-the-spot interviews by the recruitment enterprises of private sector. 

Moreover, a panel discussion on the topic ‘Employment for Economic Sustainability and the Role of the Private Sector in TVET in post COVID Scenario’ was conducted. All the panellists put forward their expert opinions on the training and human resource development aspects. The panel discussion ended with closing remarks by the chief guest.  The Hunar Rozgar Mela 2021 was concluded with the insights from the leading representatives of industry involved in TVET delivery like Chairperson Special Initiatives;

Faisalabad Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (Business incubation and skills development centre) Ms Qurrat ul Ain,  Mian Muhammad Kashif Ashfaq, CEO Chen One Stores (Chenab Group), Mr Atif Munir, President Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce & Industry, FCCI, Mr Muzzamil Sultan, President District Board of Management (DBOM) PVTC, Faisalabad and Mr Rehan Naseem Bharara, Chairman Faisalabad Garment City Company (FGCC). 

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