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Training Project sample

In order to prepare young people for the labour market, a special training fund for Sindh and Balochistan has been set up by the TVET Sector Support Programme. The fund supports training institutes to develop and provide tailor-made programmes for enterprises. The objective is to facilitate the training of 18, 000 men and women and assist them in finding employment after graduation.

The fund promotes an active partnership between training providers and business associations to link training closely to the requirements of employers. The involved enterprises are engaged in selecting relevant qualifications, planning and delivering training, and conducting assessments. In this way, it is being ensured that the training directly leads to the employment of graduates.

Another focus of the fund is to promote innovative training approaches, which support the exposure of young people to the workplace. The fund explicitly encourages training institutes and enterprises to link theoretical with practical training at the workplace. In this regard, both sides can agree on flexible approaches in training delivery, which meet the demands of the involved enterprises. Possible arrangements, which are financially supported by the fund, are cooperative training, on-the-job training and teaching factory.