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Private Sector Engagement

An active role of the private sector in planning, designing and delivery of technical and vocational education and training is a pre requisite for producing skilled workforce according to the demands of the labour market. In countries with better TVET system, the private sector engagement is essential for access to quality skills training through various modes including on-the-job training.

There is a greater realization of the fact that a close collaboration and sharing of responsibilities between public and private sector is essential to build a demand-driven TVET system in Pakistan.

The TVET Sector Support Programme supports the private sector engagement in TVET at various levels. The interventions are supported to;

  • increased participation of private sector bodies in TVET decision-making bodies;
  • establishing federal and provincial forums with representation from public and private sectors establishing 4 Sector Skills Councils
  • facilitation of joint ventures between TVET providers and industry
  • establishing of employer-led Institute Management Committees

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