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Pakistan marches towards a unified approach for competency based curricula development

July 11, 2012
ISLAMABAD: National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) in collaboration with TVET Reform Support Programme has initiated a process for introducing a unified approach for developing competency based curricula in Pakistan.

This process was formally initiated here on Wednesday with the opening of the first of the two workshops of the key stakeholders. The inaugural ceremony of the three-day workshop was addressed by Capt (Retd) Jamal, Director Skills Standards NAVTTC, Dr. Julie Reviere, Principal Advisor GIZ TVET Reform Support Programme and John Perara, Vice President of Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The delegates were told that NAVTTC and GIZ TVET Reform Support Programme have arranged two national workshops from July 11thto July 13th2012 and from July 16th to July 17th 2012 with an objective to agree upon a defined approach and the roles of various stakeholders in developing competency based standards and curricula.

At the moment, there are multiple approaches being adopted for developing technical and vocational curricula to meet the emerging skills demands of the private sector in Pakistan. These diverse approaches result in varying quality of curricula and at times results in gaps between employer requirements and curricula contents.

The two workshops have been designed to bring together the collective experiences and expertise of the TVET sector in Pakistan by inviting important private and public stakeholders and agreeing upon essential development processes which will result in credible competency based standards and curricula with involvement and ownership from the private sector and TVET organizations.

 Delegates of the workshops will review and confirm the roles, terms of reference, constitution and selection criteria for the various stakeholders to be involved in developing market-driven competency based standards and curricula. Identifying the institutionalized place of the private sector in the elaboration of competency standards and competency-based curricula is a core task in order to ensure high relevance of these TVET basic documents

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