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NAVTTC opens accreditation for TVET institutes

accreditation-1KARACHI, May 27, 2013: Institutes imparting technical and vocational education and training (TVET) can now avail accreditation of National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC), which will improve the acceptability of their training institutes and courses in the job market.

This call was given at an awareness session organized by the NAVTTC on recently introduced accreditation system for TVET institutes in collaboration with TVET Reform Support Programme. The session was attended by the heads of TVET institutes from different parts of Karachi in a large number.

This session was part of the NAVTTC country-wide awareness campaign, being supported by the TVET Reform Support Programme, with an objective to make the TVET institutes aware of the importance of the accreditation regime and its benefits to the institutes and the trainees.

Executive Director NAVTTC Rashid Bashir Mazari opened the session, saying NAVTTC was striving to create standardization and evenness in the systems and procedures in all TVET institutions across the country to get core competencies as per minimum international acceptable standards. He added that NAVTTS has initiated the accreditation system with the help of TVET Reform Support Programme, a five year programme co-funded by the European Union, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Federal Republic of Germany. He said accreditation of TVET institutes will improve the quality of the training and thus will increase the prospects of employability for the trainees.


Director General of NAVTTS (Accreditation and Certification) Ms. Syeda Adeela Bokhari gave presentation on the concept, aims and benefits of accreditation. She defined the accreditation as a process and result, a process under which an accredited body examines and review that which standard or discipline of an institution meets the minimum international standards of the accreditation and then after completing the evaluation it tells the management of the institute where to focus on.

She told the audience that for the TVET institutions the accreditation means quality assurance and credit is given only to those institutes which are performing in terms of real service delivery. She said that the accreditation is free of cost right now because the TVET Reform Support Programme is providing the financial support and asked the heads of the institutes to take benefit of this opportunity.


On this occasion, Mr. Muhammad Ali Khan from TVET Reform Support Programme, Mr. Abdul Hafeez Abbasi from NAVTTC also made presentation on their respective organizations’ role in reforming the TVET sector.

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