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Formulating National Qualification Framework

ISLAMABAD: The development of a national qualification framework (NQF) for technical and vocational education and training (TVET) institutes in Pakistan is one of the important pillars of the National Skills Strategy 2009-13 as well as overall reforms in this sector.

For the development of a unified, sustainable and constitutive NQF, a national consensus regarding the outline and levels of the framework is essential. Furthermore, there needs to be an agreement regarding rules, procedures and formats for competence standards, assessment and certification.

With this objective, GIZ’s TVET Reform Support Programme has planned several highly participatory workshops and national events with all relevant stakeholders to clarify the concept in connection with the NQF relevance for the TVET reform.

A national level consultative workshop on the NQF was held on 6 October 2011 in which key stakeholders from different TVET delivery institutes participated. The participants were taken through the history of NQF and its present types and shapes in different countries. A proposed model NQF was also presented at the session on which all the participants debated at length. They agreed on having a uniform NQF at the national level, catering for the domestic and overseas job requirements.

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