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Balochistan TVET Landscape Being Modernized in Line with NVQF

QUETTA, February 12, 2018: The modernization process for the technical and vocational education and training (TVET) in Balochistan has reached to a new level with the qualifications being aligned with National Vocational and Qualifications Framework.

A 4 days activity took place at the Gems & Jewellery Training Manufacturing Centre (GJTMC) Quetta where experts of the gems and jewel sector from all over the country have gathered in this event, which is entirely coordinated by the stakeholders of Balochistan, in order to review and modify the conventional qualifications in line with the first ever NVQF, launched in March 2015.

The initiative is being supported by the TVET Sector Support Programme, funded by the European Union and governments of the Germany and Norway. The Programme is being implemented all over the country with the active involvement of National Vocational and Technical Training Commission (NAVTTC) and Technical Education and Vocational Training Authorities (TEVTAs) along with private sector organizations.

The initiative of leveling and coding in line with National Vocational Qualifications Framework (NVQF) is happening for the first time in Balochistan where experts from the relevant industry are taking account and making recommendations to modernize the TVET delivery system in the province. The private sector is actively taking part in the stakeholder’s workshop to define the industry’s requirement and standards in this qualification alignment exercise which is expected to lead towards an improved TVET delivery. The participants of the workshop were of the opinion that such stakeholder’s consultations would open new avenues for the youth of Balochistan, which will result in the uplift socio economic development in the province.

The experts who are deliberating in this regard includes Bashir Agha, Principal Gems and Jewellery Training Manufacturing Centre Quetta, Khalid Aziz, General Manager-Training & Research Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Centre- Karachi, Taj Muhammad, Director Trade Testing Board-Balochistan, Farheen Agha, Lapidary In charge-Gems and Jewellery Training Manufacturing Centre Quetta, Tauqeer Ali, Lapidary In charge-Gems and Jewellery Training Manufacturing Centre Muzarfar Abad, Tausif Ahmed, Instructor-Gems and Jewellery Training Manufacturing Centre Lahore, Nadeem Basit, Manager Training-Pakistan Gems and Jewellery Development Centre-Karachi, Mohammad Ishaq, Jewellery and Gems Businessman Quetta and Muhammed Naeem Akhtar of TVET Sector Support Programme.

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